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Raise Up next week!

EYMH strategy launch and Meet the trustees

Moustaches alone won’t save lives

“Ha, men’s mental health, what a joke, just get over it isn’t it?” What I might have been told many years ago/some people still get told across the globe.  I still think some people I know want to say this to me whenever I’m struggling, but they know I’ll bite their head off with aContinue reading “Moustaches alone won’t save lives”

Mind the Gap – A 2019 #mentalreport looking at mental ill-health as a disability

Mind the Gap – discussing mental health as a disability issue.

#mentalstories – Tattoos & self-care – Beth, UK

In this blog, Beth from UK, shares her journey of mental health and how tattoos have helped that journey. This article in no way encourages people to get tattooed ( especially underage teenagers) but rather to promote acceptance and challenge the negative perception of tattooed people as well as the idea that tattoos are aContinue reading “#mentalstories – Tattoos & self-care – Beth, UK”

First ever European Youth Mental Health Event!

I Feel, You Feel! About this event Introducing I Feel, You Feel! The first ever event of its kind celebrating and raising awareness of mental health with and for young people. This event will celebrate World Mental Health Day every year – this year on the 9th instead of 10th so we can hopefully getContinue reading “First ever European Youth Mental Health Event!”