What we offer

We are a pool of young (and slightly older) professionals, from across Europe, that have expertise and experience in working with young people and mental health across Europe in various ways, such as therapy, as trainers, patient engagement, public speakers and more and can offer you a range of bespoke services ranging from: 

Youth Engagement/participation

  • Co-producing youth led mental health campaigns/projects
  • Youth research consultation – workshops – focus groups
  • Creating youth mental health activist/advocates program for your project
  • Supportive Participation Planning (SPP Model)


  • Youth mental health awareness training/consultation (for staff and/or young people)
  • Basic youth mental health support – recognising symptoms and implementing simple support.
  • Mental health ready Youth Workers


  • Intercultural and inclusive participation in the field of youth mental health
  • Cross-cultural mental health learning (Mental Health Youth Exchanges)
  • Exploring self-care
  • Approaching mental health as a disability


  • Designing appropriate research projects to engage with young people with mental health problems (focus groups, interviews, fieldwork etc)
  • Co-design with young people
  • Experts in intercultural/multi cultural/comparative\international fieldwork for youth mental health research

Consultations & project advice

  • New service design supervision
  • Supportive Participation Planning
  • Live risk assessments
  • Setting up positive multi-agency working
  • Sharing best practice from across Europe All work can be created as a package of the above into something that meets your project/organisation’s needs. AND Can also be tailored to suit a variety of audiences from teachers, youth workers, young people and others.

Please see our About Us page to learn more about our Co-Directors and their professional and personal backgrounds.

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