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Make sure to untick the ‘paying for goods and services’ box, so we get your full donation.

Euro Youth Mental Health is currently run completey by volunteers in they’re ‘spare time’, even Co-Directors Irina & Nick.

We would be honoured if you would be so kind to donate whatever you can to our work and with it, this is what we can fund.

  • Tools and applications – this will help us with things like managing accounts, online business tools, running our website etc
  • Travel and refreshments (and sometimes event tickets) for our young volunteer activists, such as:
    • Attending and sharing personal stories at at conferences and youth events across Europe to promote mental health.
    • To deliver training and/or workshops to young people and professionals accross Europe
  • To pay for promotion materials, suchs as stickers, posters and other opportunity related iteams to spread people’s awareness of us more across Europe.

You can either give what you can or alternatively set yourself a challenge and raise money for us over a course of time.


Currently, due to not having enough funding, we cannot afford the membership for us to have a ‘donate button’.

We recognise the irony.

So, in the meantime, please send any donations through PAYPAL to – we will reply, when this has been deposited to let you know as a receipt.

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