Mental Healther Advocate

SIGN UP HERE but to learn more first…read on.

We want to create a network of volunteer advocates that will help us fulfil our mission and make the world a mentally healthier place for young people. By signing up to be a mental healther volunteer, you can support us in a range of activities, such as:

  • Co-deliver training
  • Helping us set up the organisation
  • Social media support/campaigns
  • Web design
  • Represent us at events and conferences across the world
  • Project management
  • Bids & funding applications
  • Policy Guidance
  • Represent mental health at learning opportunities


  • Grew up in Europe (countries in Council of Europe).
  • Currently living in a European country
  • Aged between 18 – 30 (if applying to help us with training, then age doesn’t matter)
  • Have experience of mental health problems, either personally or in your community
  • And you want to raise the profile and importance of youth mental health to a high international level!

If interested then please fill in the form here and we will send you the process’ and an invite to our community facebook page where opportunities are mostly advertised.