Become a EYMH Volunteer

Workshop we delivered at Council of Europe


What is involved?

We want to enhance our impact and reach, so here is where YOU enter into the discussion. We are an organisation run by young people, for young people, especially those with experience of mental health difficulties

We are searching for people to volunteer their time to support us in various areas of work.

Specifically we are looking for help with:

  • Fundraising
  • Social media & Communications
  • Website management
  • Young researchers
  • Supporting young people
  • Youth Workers
  • Email support (for directors)
  • Attending meetings, conferences to represent us and report back into our action plans
2 of our volunteers attended a mobility meeting with MEPs 2019


  • Lived in Europe for at least 5 years when under 18 (so has some understanding of living in a European country as a young person)
  • Currently lives in Europe
  • Can commit at least 2 hours a month
  • Can express and understands experience of mental health difficulties, either of themselves or secondary (friend, family member etc)
  • Aged between 18 and ideally under 40 (in order to keep youth perspectives fresh and real)

Other Networks/tasks for all those who get involved will also be offered:

  • Trainers/facilitators of youth groups & professionals
  • Sharing your lived experience of mental health in your country with politicians, policies, research programmes etc


  • Mental health support, if needed, in order to access events and training
  • Advocacy from ourselves
  • Event and training application support
  • Expenses paid, depending on opportunity
  • Travel around Europe
  • Meet other amazing people
  • Access to our platforms for your own work
  • Opportunities to free personal development events
  • And more…


  • Attended meetings with Members of European Parliament
  • Helped out on research projects, such TreatMe providing guidelines on how to involve young people with lived experience as co-researchers
  • Run social media campaigns
  • Co-deliver events, such as our yearly event ‘I feel, You feel’
  • Work on international, voluntary and paid projects, such as ‘Active Ingredients’ project
  • Regularly meet and get support off each other
  • And more…

Fill in the form here and we will send you to inform you of next instructions

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