About Us

We are a non-profit organisation currently run by passionate and enthusiastic young volunteers who share their expertise and experiences to improve the mental health support young people get across Europe.

We act in order to create a Europe that enables young people not only to access support and talk more openly about their mental health and well-being, but to be empowered to have their voice heard in the promotion of mental health and prevention of the impact of mental ill-health.

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Founded as a Community Interest Company 12th December 2017.

Meet the Volunteers

Nick Morgan – Co-Director/Founder

Hi, I’m Nick. Born and raised in a seaside town called Swansea in South Wales, currently living in London, and have travelled the world hearing #mentalstories and having dancing, singing and challenging myself by doing silly things like bungee jumping.

In this video, I tell you my journey from little emotional runner to setting up Europes only youth mental health specialist organisation.

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Irina Buruiana – Co-Director/Founder

Hi, I’m Irina, from Romania, currently living in Spain but about to move to Germany. See my video talking about why I wanted work to change the platform of mental health for young people across Europe.

As well as talking to you about other projects, I deliver promoting wellbeing through reflection and connection: Ultreia Camino.

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