Who are we?

We are a Non-Governmental Organisation currently run by 3 passionate and enthusiastic volunteers who came together to tackle a mutual need.

We act in order to create a Europe that enables young people to access support and talk openly about their mental health and well-being. By encouraging collaboration across services, sharing of best-practice and ensuring that young people are empowered to have a voice in all matters that affect them around the promotion of mental health and preventing the impact of mental illness.

Founded as a Community Interest Company 12th December 2017.

Meet the Volunteers

Nick Morgan – Co-Director/Founder

Hi, I’m Nick. Born and raised in a seaside town called Swansea in South Wales, currently living in London, and have travelled the world hearing #mentalstories and having dancing, singing and challenging myself by doing silly things like bungee jumping.

In this video, I tell you my journey from little emotional runner to setting up Europes only youth mental health specialist organisation.


Irina Buruiana – Co-Director/Founder

Hi, I’m Irina, from Romania, currently living in Spain about to move to Germany. See my video talking about why I wanted work to change the platform of mental health for young people across Europe. As well as talking to you about other projects i deliver promoting wellbeing through reflection and connection; Ultreia Camino, more information in links below.

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