Thank you! – Message from Director Nick

Message from Nick (Director)
Without the support of these incredible volunteers, we would not be where we are today. This group of people have set the foundation for EYMH for the future of young people’s mental health across Europe by being patient and passionate allies in this movement, for that and what is about to come, I want to thank you, and many more people who may not be mentioned here, for all that you have done so far!

As we embark on our first ever 3-year strategy, with our first board of Trustees, I wanted to highlight the hugely important part that many people I’ve met over the years have played in the early beginnings of what will hopefully be a long and helpful future for EYMH.

You have inspired me, given me strength when I have needed it most and lifted me up when I was down.

I’m honoured to know these people and hopefully, this will be an inspiration to those of you that want to get involved when we start recruiting again in a few weeks.

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