Mind the Gap – A 2019 #mentalreport looking at mental ill-health as a disability

In 2019, EYMH, along with European Network for Indpependant Living (ENIL) delivered a study session to 30 young people, looking at mental health as a disability issue! This article, finally shares the report itself from this event and thing thinking behind the study session.

Blog written by Nick Morgan

This report has been a long time coming after alot of back and fore with team and then covid hit and well….blurgh…anyway, its here!!

This piece of work, was written by our former fantastic Co-founder and Co-Director Irina Buruiana, after a discussion between myself and Irina on how mental health is, in-fact, termed as a disability, across the world and that people with mental ill-health may not agree with this or even know this and thus missing out.

After winning the bid with Council of Europe’s Education department, we then proceeded to recruit from our pool of European mental health activists and ended up with the incredible Huge Metcalfe.

The session was a superb success and really highlighted the complex understanding and nuanced thinking about mental health as a disability.

From my experience, young people withe mental ill-health haven’t comfortably recognised themselves as disabled. There is two directions of conversation with this. One, that there are considered to be four ‘types’ of disability, mental, sensory, neuro and physical. However, the education about disability does not always discuss mental health as part of that spectrum and realm. Two, that people with mental ill-health miss out on the support and opportunities offered to those classed as disabled. Its a complex and hard subject to discuss and approach.

This is simply the first piece of work, of what we hope, will be more going forward.

It really was a superb ollaboration and everyone involved trainers and participants alike, loved it.

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