“The Son”: An open door for youth mental health representation

My name is Lysiane, I am the Deputy Director and Social Media Lead at Euro Youth Mental Health. With this blog I want to take you with me through my experience of working on the launch of the new movie “The Son”, joining its premiere in Brussels and my thoughts on the movie itself. ThanksContinue reading ““The Son”: An open door for youth mental health representation”

A research oriented course & a young person’s experience

My name is Inês and I’m 22 years old. I am a young expert by lived experience and am part of the Raise Up Collective of EYMH. I attended an online course with the name of “Experience Sampling Method in psychopathology”, through the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience (MHeNs) in Maastricht University,  from theContinue reading “A research oriented course & a young person’s experience”

To the person that’s looking for a sign: It’ll be okay

EYMH #raiseup collective member Nikki shares an open letter to all who might be struggling this winter, coming from her personal experience. If the holidays seem longAnd you’re not feeling strongRemember to hold onSoon peace will be uponYouYou are the lightYou are the wonderYou are magicYou are everything Hey. This is a little note toContinue reading “To the person that’s looking for a sign: It’ll be okay”

First ever European Youth Mental Health Event!

I Feel, You Feel! About this event Introducing I Feel, You Feel! The first ever event of its kind celebrating and raising awareness of mental health with and for young people. This event will celebrate World Mental Health Day every year – this year on the 9th instead of 10th so we can hopefully getContinue reading “First ever European Youth Mental Health Event!”

Webinar – Digital Mental Social Health Media #EUPHW

Last month, Nick Morgan, Co-Director of Euro Youth Mental Health organised and facilitated a webinar for the European Public Health Associations ‘European Public Health Week’ 2019, the first of its kind. The webinar tackled two technological advances/introductions to the adolescents world and its impact on their mental health. Joining Nick was:- Dr Julian Childs –Continue reading “Webinar – Digital Mental Social Health Media #EUPHW”

The Little Wrestler #mentalstories – Tomek – Poland/Polska

Tomek from Poland, now living in Spain, tells us his experience of dealing with his mental health at a very young age in Warsaw and how different perspectives can make the difference in a bad or a good decision for a young person. My mental health story begins at the Primary School in Poland. IContinue reading “The Little Wrestler #mentalstories – Tomek – Poland/Polska”

2017 Summary

Co-Director and Founder Nick Morgan sums up the steps that have been taken in 2017 for Euro Youth Mental Health.  

Christmas is not always magic #mentalstories – Irina – Hungary/Magyarország

Merry Christmas all from everyone at Euro Youth Mental Health CIC!!!! With this in mind, our co-founder and co-director Irina Buruiana tells us of her experiences at Christmas, and that for many they can difficult times of the year, during a period of expectational happiness.   Christmas is the “jolly” period of the year. But isContinue reading “Christmas is not always magic #mentalstories – Irina – Hungary/Magyarország”

My journey to acceptance of being bipolar #mentalstories – Katerina – Czech Republic/Česká republika

Katerina gives us an insight into her experience of growing up in Czech Republic, transitioning from an adolescent to an adult and being challenged by her mental health to the point of eventually getting a diagnosis… I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 21, however I observed the symptoms of this mental illness during previousContinue reading “My journey to acceptance of being bipolar #mentalstories – Katerina – Czech Republic/Česká republika”

‘When i blink’ #mentalstories – Beth – UK

Continuing our campaign to paint picture of young peoples experiences of mental health services across Europe, Beth from the UK, shares this poem with us on her experience of mental health services in the UK growing up.   Beth is an activist and founder of youth mental health peer project Hearts and Minds from the UKContinue reading “‘When i blink’ #mentalstories – Beth – UK”