Co-Production Workshop

Looking for Young Men + those who identify as male (with direct lived suicidal experiences) for participation in a co-production workshop for a campaign for suicide prevention and support.

Deadline to register interest: 7th of April

Must be able to speak a level of English.*

Workshop date: 11th April 5:30pm – 8pm CET 

We are looking for young men, between 18-28 years with current or previous experience of suicidal thoughts, ideation, or attempt.

Definition of direct lived suicidal experiences includes thinking about, planning and attempting,  This project is an equal opportunities project and we are open to ANYONE applying who identifies as male, whether born biologically or not.  We recognise this is an incredibly sensitive subject and you will be supported by the Youth Involvement Lead throughout. 


Over half a million people die due to suicide every year. And is one of the four biggest reasons for death in young people. Suicide is a global phenomenon and occurs throughout the lifespan. Unfortunately, the subject of suicide still carries a lot of stigma and taboos, which makes it difficult for those affected to communicate with the public, so that they cannot get the help they need (WHO, 2021).   The aim of the project is to raise public awareness and create resources  to launch on International Suicide Prevention day on the 10th September.  Co-produced and created with young men from across Europe whose experiences can provide unique and relevant factors that promote and develop new suggestions for prevention. During this workshop, we would like to have your opinion on some messages and visuals we have designed. We will also discuss the possibility of developing other audio-visual material such as videos and podcasts and how we can best elaborate these ideas.


  • Share your experiences, needs and opinions  on the topic of suicide, suicidal experiences and suicide prevention
  • Provide feedback on existing media campaigns and online resources on suicide; help co-create a campaign video to raise awareness and prevent suicide among young men
  • At this point, there is no expectation of public-facing work and we welcome those wishing to remain anonymous to get involved.*


  • €50 direct payment after the workshop
  • Being a voice for young men, on a European level, with suicidal experiences to make positive change  
  • Gain new experiences in different skill areas


If you have any questions, contact Youth Involvement Lead: 

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