Ukrainian-Russian youth mental health support

Words are amiss in front of war and its terrible impact, including on mental health. Our hearts are with all the people affected by the war in #ukraine and we call for support, for bringing forward the voices of people with lived experience and for mental health awareness now more than ever. We see you, we hear you and we love you.

If you are, or know, a young person from Ukraine or Russia and feel comfortable to share your/a story and the impact of this is having on your mental health and how you are managing your wellbeing. Please get in touch with


The message below from Director Nick

I am sure that the current wave of terrifying energy is affecting us all somehow or another. I/We as an organisation condemn the actions of Putin and his government in their disgusting and disgraceful use of violence on the people of Ukraine. I want us to ensure that we recognise the significant impact this is having on young people’s mental health in Ukraine AND the young people of Russia who have no choice and stand against Putin and his actions.

I have been in touch with some colleagues and friends in both countries just giving them my love and am sure you are all doing the same, the European community in which we live, as we have seen (at EYE 2021) is a beautiful thing and so please do share the love where you can.

Also a special shout out to Lysiane and the Communications team, who created a lovely post earlier in the week, in support of young Ukrainians impacted by this war.

I encourage you all, where possible, to look after yourselves, mentally and physically, try not to absorb too much of the news and share your love outwards to those who need it in both Ukraine and those opposing Putin in Russia.

Stay healthy, mentally,


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