Raise Up Collective

Get involved and raise up your voices to create positive change for youth mental health

At EYMH, young people’s voices, experiences and opinions are THE driving force behind our work. We believe that the only way to promote mental health and support those impacted by mental ill-health for young people across Europe is by working with them and having them be a leading component of all work we and others do.

For the Raise Up Collective we aim to recruit young experts by experience from across Europe, to be Young Leaders and help steering our work forward and ensuring that we are held to account in sticking to our mission goals and aims, as well as take part in partner projects with organisations like World Health Organisation, European Parliament & other institutions vital to our work.

We will be wanting to hear about your day-to-day experiences of life as a young person in relation to your and your friend’s mental health.


– Aged 18 – 30
– Comfortable or happy to develop openness in discussing their personal or community mental health experiences. – Have lived in Europe for at least 5 years, whilst under 18 years old.

What does it involve:

– Able to give to meet online every 2 months & be part of other opportunities between.
– Joining project-specific pieces of work.
– Sharing your lived experience of mental health to inform our and our partner’s work across Europe using a variety of methods from workshops, to video campaigns, to social media videos.

Remuneration / What do I get?:

– Vouchers for attending, and being involved in specific projects.
– Free training and upskilling around mental health and advocacy. – All expenses paid trips across Europe in various locations, project dependant. – Meet and work with like-minded young people from across Europe.

*Please note, this is specifically for young people and their lived experience, this is not for young researchers/professionals wishing to develop their professional network. We strongly suggest you join our network for this sort of thing, as we are in the development of other Collectives around young researchers and professionals in due time.

Nick Morgan
Youth Involvement Lead

I am the founder and director of EYMH and currently the Youth Involvement Lead.

I’m a Youth Worker by practice and also an expert by lived experience (clinical depression and anxiety disorder) based in Hertfordshire UK. I have years of experience in the youth mental health field, using human rights approaches and am the designer of the Supportive Participation Plan approach to ensuring that the co-production and engagement of youth are always done in an inclusive and respectful way.

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