To the person that’s looking for a sign: It’ll be okay

EYMH #raiseup collective member Nikki shares an open letter to all who might be struggling this winter, coming from her personal experience.

If the holidays seem long
And you’re not feeling strong
Remember to hold on
Soon peace will be upon
You are the light
You are the wonder
You are magic
You are everything

Hey. This is a little note to you. You that’s gotten through Christmas and New Year is just around the corner. Woah. What a year it’s been eh? Full of ups and downs, twists and turns, but here you are, still standing, you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. YAAAASSSSS!!

The days between Christmas and new year can often be heavy and daunting for everyone, they feel empty and low (at least for me anyway) and mental health doesn’t get a holiday.

Just remember throughout this time, that you are loved. Even if you feel alone, I’m here to tell you, human to human through a screen, I care.

You are deeply cared about, whether you’ve eaten too much or too little, whether you’ve spent too much, whether you’ve made mistakes, whether you’re burnout or not stimulated enough, you are loved. You’ve got a magic that no one else can bring to this world.

Hold on.

This season will pass, and a new week will come, with it, new opportunities. However, if you’re not ready for that, that’s okay (time is an illusion anyway) just remember the basics—food water sunlight, and meds. You matter more than any holiday that comes along.

Your worth cannot be taken away by anything or anyone.
You are you.

And I’m so grateful

Thank you for being here.

Lots of love from a person holding on too. We will get there together x


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I'm a champion for youth mental health - Co-Director of Euro Youth Mental Health - Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor - Mental Health Participation Expert - Facilitator & Podcaster - Youth Wellbeing giver.

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