A research oriented course & a young person’s experience

My name is Inês and I’m 22 years old. I am a young expert by lived experience and am part of the Raise Up Collective of EYMH.

I attended an online course with the name of “Experience Sampling Method in psychopathology”, through the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience (MHeNs) in Maastricht University,  from the 28th of November till the 2nd of December of 2022. This course was about ESM.

ESM stands for Experience Sampling Method. In my understanding, it’s an assessment done in the moment to evaluate the current emotional state of the person filling it in. The way it’s done varies according to the final goal that the research has.

I was there as an EYMH Young Advisor on the Youth GEMS project, looking to learn about ESM and how that was going to impact the project. I believe the aim of the course was to inform everyone that attended on the topic of ESM and everything that had to do it.

The course was filled with fact checked information, with nice and understanding visuals, and I think everyone that attended has a better understanding of what ESM actually is, I know I do. What I think is that this course was definitely not done for young people to attend, it was very information heavy, with few breaks and the speakers were not very engaging. I think the structure of the course in itself didn’t allow for a lot of engagement.

I strongly believe that if this course is to be presented to a young audience, it needs to change format and it has to have a young perspective in it from the very beginning. I didn’t feel motivated to keep attending the course and I felt like my opinion didn’t add any value to the conversation.

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