Looking after your mental health when self-isolating, for young people

This is the stage when you or someone you live with has shown signs/symptoms of Coronavirus and have to stay at home for between 7-14 days, depending on your government’s advice. Please follow this advice.

Check out our top tips for young people, shared by young people from across Europe, during Coronavirus/ COVID-19.

We’ve also created downloadable posters in a variety of languages.

Talk about it

Make sure to let your friends know the situation, and be honest about how you’re feeling and what you need from them during this time. E.g. more contact, lots of funny ‘memes’, regular video chats, motivation and support.

Stay social

On top of the above, this is still important to do for general engagement with friends and family. Continue playing games, chatting, watching films together.

Dealing with stigma and guilt

Whether it is you, or someone else in your house that may be ill, it is important to remove the STIGMA. Remember people often fear what they don’t understand, so it is important we are all educated about COVID19. This is no one’s fault, we are all simply trying our best to not catch it, but it is an invisible enemy, which means it is not always in our control. Support each other during this time AND after.

Keep on exercising and being creative

Keep doing these types of activities. If you have a garden, make sure to use it where possible, but keep doing what you enjoy, whether that is drawing, yoga, writing, doing video classes, anything that keeps your brain active in this way.

Spend some time outdoors

If you are fortunate to have a garden, use it.  If not, make sure you open your windows as much as you can handle (don’t freeze!) and enjoy the fresh air.

Try something new

This could be the perfect time, if you feel well enough, to try something new. Learn a dance, try cooking, listen to new music, make a comic about your time in self-isolation – there are endless possibilities.

Find your routine

Keep some sort of routine to your days if you are well enough (remember you are ill, so you wouldn’t go to school even if you could). Simply try to do some studying in the week, and virtual socialising and clubs on weekends if you can.

Remember hygiene

Just because you are ill, doesn’t mean you should neglect your hygiene.  If possible, treat yourself to a hot bath or try a fancy shower gel and continue other hygiene routines, like shaving or using nice smelling hand cream. However, we also endorse the healing fun of a pyjama day as well, just not every day.

House share

If you are living with friends/other people, then try, where possible, to make a ‘house/flat plan’, turn to each other for support – including cleaning, cooking as well as alone time and socialising time.

Fun and positivity

Keep putting fun things in your diary, whether that is 1 small activity a day or something bigger to do on weekend.  However, remember to make sure you are resting if you are.

Be kind to yourself and others

These are extraordinary times, if you are feeling unmotivated, THIS IS OKAY!  You may even be unwell, so it is important to rest. Just do what you can, when you feel able to and if you can’t, then just rest.


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