The 2020 Review #mentalreport

Euro Youth Mental Health was formally founded voluntarily just over 2½ years ago in 2017, by 2 passionate people, both with experience of mental health ill health and of working in the field of youth mental health professionally, Nick Morgan and Irina Buruiana.  A lot has changed in that time, the organisation has gained many more volunteers who share the vision to “create a Europe that enables young people to access support and talk more openly about their mental and well-being.  By encouraging collaboration across services, sharing of best-practice and ensuring that young people are empowered to have a voice in all that affects them in the promotion of mental health and preventing the impact of mental ill-health.”

The organisation has delivered a lot of promotion, created informal networks and delivered trainings, workshops and expert panellists with a variety of partners in this time, including Council of Europe, Mental Health Europe, European Parliament, European Network for Independent Living, Obessu, European Youth Event and much much more. 

As well as us changing, so has the world around us and in the current light of the Coronavirus pandemic, it was felt by all involved that now was as good a time as any to re-assess our work and what the next stage of Euro Youth Mental Health’s work looks like.

To do this we sent out a set of questions to stakeholders across Europe and the world, young people, professionals, and more.

Key Suggestions

There is far more to explore from the review, but some of the initial key changes are evident, these are just some of those changes due to happen by end of 2020.

  • Splitting up of different volunteer roles.
  • Creation of lead volunteers to cover specific areas of work, with specific teams as it stands.
  • Turn Euro Youth Mental Health from a Community Interest Company to a Charity in the UK (this will mean trustees, which we can work on together internally).
  • Review of volunteers involved and others to have more young people having more control.
  • Checking of language on website and other communications to ensure it follows current guidance from Mental Health Europe.
  • Create and market a free (for now) membership offer.
  • Have monthly meetings of everyone for now until all other offers have been created.
  • Create a fundraising strategy.

You can read the full 10 page report by clicking here

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I'm a champion for youth mental health - Co-Director of Euro Youth Mental Health - Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor - Mental Health Participation Expert - Facilitator & Podcaster - Youth Wellbeing giver.

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