World Health Organisation #Covid19youth Stories


World Health Organisation #Covid19youth Stories


The World Health Organisation have currently set up a Technical Advisory Grouo on the impact of Covid19 on mental health and are looking to try set up best practice and ideas on how to support people in the upcoming years. As part of this work, they want to highlight the importance of mental health and the impact on young people by sharing qoutes and videos from young people in Europe, to highlight the importance of mental health.


  • Complete the Unknown Futures survey, and tick boxes to do videos or blogs after.
  • Give consent for us to use a qoute from your survey
  • Send a photo for us to use, to go along side your qoute (if just want to do a qoute)
  • Share a 2 minute video sharing how Covid 19 has impacted your mental health in your own language – A guide to making the video can be found here.
  • Have your qoute or video shared on the WHO Europes social media & ours.


  • Share your story with the world
  • Promote the importance of mental health with other young people across the world
  • Influence and impact future policy in Europe through our stories
  • Potentially gain a positive feeling of self – worth and confidence
  • Practice making a video on your phone


  • From Europe, or lived there for at least 5 years
  • Under 30


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