EYMH Big Review 2022 – Public Forum

5th February – 11am – 1pm CET

Please join us and tell us your thoughts in our BIG REVIEW!!!

EYMH just keeps on growing and to meet our needs and demands we recognise that we need to change the way we work and do things.

As you may know, we are run entirely by very hardworking and passionate volunteers, who offer a few hours a month to help with our work on an informal basis. We have also, for the first few years in our existence, as Europe’s only youth-focused mental health NGO, worked very reactively.

However, as we expand we know we need to have more clarity and structure in what we do and how we do it. As members of EYMH, we would like to invite YOU to have your say in how we do this, alongside our core volunteers. So please join us on 22nd January, for an online focus group covering these issues.


As members, you can also simply add your ideas here, as and when you think of them, that will contribute to a survey being sent out after the above focus group.


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